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The Guinness  beer began all the  way back in 1752 when Authur Guinness received and inheritance that he used to start a brewery in leixlip, Ireland. A few years later in 1759, Authur signed a lease for a much bigger facility in Dublin and that is where the brand really began to grow. In 1769, the first batch of Guinness was exported out of Ireland and was shipped to England. 250 years later the Guinness name and breweries are world wide. It is one of the most popular beers in the world today.

  • So the first Guinness that I am going to review is the Guinness Black Lager. When you first pour this beer you will notice where it gets its name from. This is literally a black beer and you get that khaki head that Guinness is so well known for.  If you take a minute and smell the aroma, you will smell the aroma of the roasted melts with a slight sweetness to it. The sweet aroma is not as strong as is the case with other Guinness beers but you do get a hint of chocolate mixed in with the malts. When I took my first sip, the first thing that I noticed was how much of a lager it really was. It was not as heavy as say the extra stout. After you taste the first sip you will notice the taste of the roasted malts with little or no hints of the hops in it. You will get   will get a slight overtone of sweet chocolate but its not over powering. As with most lagers you will want to drink this beer when it is cold rather than room temperature. However, if you let it warm up a little you will get to a bit more of the sweetness that you may be expecting.

This is one of the few black lagers that I have tried in my life time and I have to say I really enjoyed it. This is for someone who wants to try the Guinness beer but doesn’t want to go directly to say the Guinness Extra Stout. So since it’s fairly new to the Guinness brand I encourage all of you to try this and see how you like it.


As adults we all have to make many decisions in our life on an everyday basis. Some of those decisions are small and some of them are big and can have impacts for the rest of our lives. Well, as I’m writing a blog about alcohol I just wanted to quickly touch on being responsible when drinking.

A lot of us are over the legal drinking age and probably know someone who has made poor choices after drinking. If you don’t know someone personally you have most likely seen stories in the local news paper about people making poor choices. Well these poor  choices can last a life time. They can not only affect you, but also  those around you, meaning your friends, family, co-workers. The poor choices can end up costing you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. There is a whole list of punishments of not being responsible while drinking and the are all very well known.

So stop and think before hopping in the drivers seat of the car after having any amount of alcohol. You may feel fine but the truth is that, if you have to convince yourself that your ok to drive, then you shouldn’t be driving anyway. Don’t be afraid to give the keys to someone else who is in a better state of mind to drive. Stop and think before confronting someone about something while you are drinking. There have been many instances where a confrontation has turned into much more when involving a person or people who have been drinking.

So when you drink, drink responsibly.

I have reviewed multiple wheat beers within my blog so far and I’m sure that there will be more in the future. However, each one is different in its one right. They each have thier own taste and individual characteristics. This next one that I’m going to review is one that is imported from Germany.

 For a little history of the company, it has history all the way back until 1363. They have made some of the most popular beers in Germany and now that popularity is expanding to the international market.One of the most popular is the Hefe Weissbier or ” wheat beer” is brewed with wheat malt, barely malt and hops. Franziskaner brewery use top fermentation during the brewing of this beer. what that means, is that when the beer is fermenting the yeast settles at the top instead of at the bottom of the container that its being fermented in.

As with just about every other wheat beer it poors to a cloudy deep golden to almost orange color. The smell of the malt is pretty distinct with a hint of clove. Even though it is brewed with hops in it, when drinking this beer you can hardly tell. There is very little to no bitterness to this beer which allows this beer to go down really smooth. When you sip on this beer you will notice that it has a tangy side to it, more than most wheat beers that I have tried and that is what makes this beer unique, yet so good. The alcohol content of this beer is around 5%. You can find this beer in a lot of supermarkets and in recent years a lot of bars and pubs have had this beer on tap. If you like wheat beers I  highly encourage you all to try this one. I am positive that you will love this just as much as I do. Its a great beer to drink while listening to some vintage records.


Stone Brewing  Company is one of the best brewing companies based out of Southern California. Back in 1996 Greg Koch and Steve Wagner founded Stone Brewing Company and based it out of San Marcos, California. After being successful for a number of years they decided to move to their current location in Escondido, Ca. Even though they are based in Southern California, they distribute their brews to 36 different states. Back in 2008  and 2009 they were named All Time Top Brewery on Planet Earth by Beer Advocate Magazine.

So it comes as no surprise that their Levitation Ale was such a good beer. The  other night I had pizza for delivery and was trying to decide what  beer I wanted to try and I ended up picking the Stone Brewery’s Levitation Ale. If your looking for a beer that has sweet endings this is not for you. However, if your looking for an original beer that is full strictley barley and hops this beer is the beer for you. As you drink this beer you will smell the aroma which to me was a citrus/ piney aroma  The when you take your first sip you will taste the richness of the malts followed by all of that great hops that’s instilled in this beer. This beer doesn’t only use one type of hops but four types. Those variety are Columbus, Crystal, Simcoe and Amarillo. These put together give you the perfect amount of bitterness to a beer. Don’t just take my review, this beer was the 2007 Gold Medal Winner at the Great American Beer Festival.

This beer paired perfectly well with the BBQ Chicken Pizza that I had order for delivery. The BBQ sauce of the pizza balanced out the bitterness of the beer to make it go down really smooth. As with all of the beers I have previously wrote about, I highly recommend this beer.


Sierra Nevada has a lot of great beers but his one has to be my favorite. This is no ordinary Hefenweizen. This beer goes through a rare and unique fermenting technique known as open fermenting. This technique is rarely used today, and consist of allowing the    alcohol to fermenting while being open to the air instead of in an enclosed environment. When you pour this beer there is little to no head on the pour. It pours to a hazy orangish color. This is due to banana and cloves that exist within this beer. When drinking this beer you will notice  that it is a family of the wheat ales and at first it has a hint of the cloves and then it ends with hint of the banana.  This beer like most wheat beer goes down really smooth and has just about no bitterness to it at all.  If your into drinking during breakfast this beer would most likely enhance any breakfast that you can think of due to the clove and banana tones.


So as I had wrote in a previous post, pilsner is one of the most popular types of beers in the world. It is brewed with lightley malted barley and a variety of different hops can be added to give the beer the bitterness that you want. The Redhook Pilsner is a one that I picked up at the local supermarket and you can probably find it at yours. It is the newest beer of the Red Hook Brewing Company. When brewing this beer as usual they usual the lightley malted barley and they chose to use a type of hops called Saaz. The first thing I noticed when taking my first sip of the beer was the aroma coming from it. You can really smell the barley and the hops that are in this beer. Then I noticed that you get the slight sweetness followed by a hit of bitterness that is created by the Saaz hops. Overall, this beer goes down really smooth, and is also very clean, crisp and refreshing. This beer is more than just a regular pilsner. If you were wondering what the alcohol content is in this dish, its right around 5%.


Tonight I paired this beer with a mexican seafood dish called, Aguachiles. Its shrimp that is cooked by sitting in lime juice, and chiles. This beer was an excellent choice to pair with this meal because it cut right through the acidity of the lime juice and compliment the spicyness of the chiles. I highly recommend this beer, its great to drink alone or when paired with a spicy dish that you may make in the future.


Gluten Free Beer

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Over the past few years more and more people are converting to a gluten free diet. This is a diet that eliminates the gluten protiens that can be found in wheat, barley, rye, ect… When people convert to this type of diet, they have to cut out a lot of items from their diet. They are no longer able to eat a lot of the things that they used to. However, beer is no longer one of those things that they have to eliminate from their diet. The beer industry has started to brew gluten free beers. They may not be in your local supermarket but there are some out there for those who are gluten free.

Some people maybe skeptical to try one of these gluten free beers but there is no reason to be timid about trying one. Instead of the barley and wheat that normal beers are brewed with, gluten free beers are brewed with ingrediants such as brown rice,sweet potato, molasses, chesnuts and sorgum. These ingrediants may not produce the taste of the beers you were used to drinking, but they are just as good.

If you are gluten free and looking for a brew that you are able to drink, I have listed a few in this post.

1) Harvester Fresh Hop IPA ( produced by Haverster Brewing Company)
2) Dogfish Head Tweason’Ale (produced by Dogfish Head)
3)Omission Pale Ale( produced by Wildmer Brothers)

Like I said they may not be in your local supermarket but if you want to try them you can definitely find them. I hope all of you with a gluten free diet are willing to try these beers.

Can vs Bottle

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For many year now there has been a debate on whether beer taste better from a can or if it taste better from a bottle. There are a lot of myths out there as to why beer may taste better from a can or a bottle. For instance some say that beer taste better from a bottle because when put in a can, the beer gets a metallic taste from the can. However, beer cans are lined with a plastic coating and have been since 1935. This plastic coating was put on the can simply to protect the beer from getting a metallic taste. However, for every argument against something there is one for it. A beer can is completely air tight and the can acts as a deterrent to light. The can will block and light from getting to the beer thus leaving the beer with a more natural taste. One could say that because of these two facts a beer in a can will stay fresher longer.

However, there is also arguments for beer in the bottle. A lot of avid beer drinkers swear by the bottle. They say that the beer taste so much better from a bottle and that a beer will remain cooler for an extended amount of time when its in a bottle. They say that a beer from a bottle has more of a natural taste and smell to it than a beer from the can. However, their are also arguments against bottles and one of the biggest one is that no matter what color the bottle is, it will not block light. The longer the light hits the beer the more the beer will take on a more of a “skunk” taste and smell.

So after all the arguments have been weighed , they question still hasn’t been answered. That is because there is really no right answer and it just comes to the drinkers preference to the can or the bottle. One way to really tell if there is a difference in taste or not is to pour a beer from each into a glass before drinking them, and then compare the two. It is very likely that you won’t notice a difference at all once you pour them into the glass.

I guess the debate continues to go on.

On a side note if you go to you local store you will most likely see more and more beer in cans. That is because more and more breweries are bottling the beer in both instead of just bottles. This is helping us come to the conclusion that there is really no difference in taste between the beer from the bottle or from the can.

What is a Pilsner

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A Pilsner is a type of beer that was created in 1842 in the Czech Republic. When it was first created the breweries would brew this type of beer in a cave or cellar. They needed a place that would be relatively cool during the brewing and storage of the beer. However, today they have large brewing tanks that are used during the brewing process. A pilsner beer is brew with a lightly malted  barley and usually a variety hops that is considered spicy. These two things are what give the Pilsner its taste, aroma , and color. A Pilsner is a very clean refreshing beer that pairs well with many different foods. Some of the foods it goes well with are  chicken, fish, and all sorts of spicy Mexican food. I encourage you all to try this type of beer, so many before you have and they loved it. That is why its one of the most popular beers in the world. A typical Pilsner beer is about 5% alcohol, however some have a little less and some have a little more. Some of the top rated Pilsners are Reality Czeck, Danish Dream, Barmen Pilsner and Cerna Hora.

Moe’s Backroom Amber Ale.

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So I once again went to the local Ralph’s supermarket and was browsing their beer selection, which I am quickly finding out, is a great one. This time around, I decided to try Moe’s Backroom Amber Ale. Once again, for picking out a.completely random beer I was very pleased. After pouring this beer you quickly realize why it’s an Amber ale. It pours the perfect amber color. You can smell the malts within the beer with a hint of honey.  When you begin to drink this beer you notice the a slight hint of the hops and a slight floral taste. However none of them are overpowering. This beer is a full bodied beer that is very drinkable. There is really no bitterness to this beer at all. So for all you beer drinkers, I really recommend this beer.