Gluten Free Beer

Posted: January 24, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Over the past few years more and more people are converting to a gluten free diet. This is a diet that eliminates the gluten protiens that can be found in wheat, barley, rye, ect… When people convert to this type of diet, they have to cut out a lot of items from their diet. They are no longer able to eat a lot of the things that they used to. However, beer is no longer one of those things that they have to eliminate from their diet. The beer industry has started to brew gluten free beers. They may not be in your local supermarket but there are some out there for those who are gluten free.

Some people maybe skeptical to try one of these gluten free beers but there is no reason to be timid about trying one. Instead of the barley and wheat that normal beers are brewed with, gluten free beers are brewed with ingrediants such as brown rice,sweet potato, molasses, chesnuts and sorgum. These ingrediants may not produce the taste of the beers you were used to drinking, but they are just as good.

If you are gluten free and looking for a brew that you are able to drink, I have listed a few in this post.

1) Harvester Fresh Hop IPA ( produced by Haverster Brewing Company)
2) Dogfish Head Tweason’Ale (produced by Dogfish Head)
3)Omission Pale Ale( produced by Wildmer Brothers)

Like I said they may not be in your local supermarket but if you want to try them you can definitely find them. I hope all of you with a gluten free diet are willing to try these beers.

  1. Are you sure these are GF?? I’ve seen the Omission Pale Ale at the organic market and it says it is a wheat beer…makes me skeptical! Where are they listed as GF?

    • When it comes to being gluten free, its all about a number, if a piece of food or beverage is below a specified number, as far as the content of wheat, rye and barley, ect.. then it can be considered gluten free. These beers are below that number so therefore considered gluten free. The do not have the levels of the proteins that will cause any reactions in anyone.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions! I have been a little nervous to try GF beers but I might juts have to pick up one of your recommendations for Super Bowl Sunday. Great blog!

  3. c says:

    hey , not true some people still react to the low gluten beers such as omissions. It should never be classified as GF if it really isn’t. It’s a crime to do so.

    • That is something that you might want to take up with them. But if you research it you will find many places that say if it contains under a certain ppm of the protiens, then it could be considered gluten free.

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