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The Guinness  beer began all the  way back in 1752 when Authur Guinness received and inheritance that he used to start a brewery in leixlip, Ireland. A few years later in 1759, Authur signed a lease for a much bigger facility in Dublin and that is where the brand really began to grow. In 1769, the first batch of Guinness was exported out of Ireland and was shipped to England. 250 years later the Guinness name and breweries are world wide. It is one of the most popular beers in the world today.

  • So the first Guinness that I am going to review is the Guinness Black Lager. When you first pour this beer you will notice where it gets its name from. This is literally a black beer and you get that khaki head that Guinness is so well known for.  If you take a minute and smell the aroma, you will smell the aroma of the roasted melts with a slight sweetness to it. The sweet aroma is not as strong as is the case with other Guinness beers but you do get a hint of chocolate mixed in with the malts. When I took my first sip, the first thing that I noticed was how much of a lager it really was. It was not as heavy as say the extra stout. After you taste the first sip you will notice the taste of the roasted malts with little or no hints of the hops in it. You will get   will get a slight overtone of sweet chocolate but its not over powering. As with most lagers you will want to drink this beer when it is cold rather than room temperature. However, if you let it warm up a little you will get to a bit more of the sweetness that you may be expecting.

This is one of the few black lagers that I have tried in my life time and I have to say I really enjoyed it. This is for someone who wants to try the Guinness beer but doesn’t want to go directly to say the Guinness Extra Stout. So since it’s fairly new to the Guinness brand I encourage all of you to try this and see how you like it.


  1. Sounds intriguing, I wonder when it will be available in Canada?

  2. Next stop England or Ireland to taste the rich, creaminess of Guinness on tap. You’ll never go back! My husband and I have both tasted the draft in the States and we agree that it can’t compare.

    • I definitely want to go and try all the different beers over there, I have heard great things about the beer selection over there.

      • The honest truth is that Europe makes better beers. I’ve heard a lot about the micro-breweries in the U.S. but haven’t really had a chance to sample anything. We are now in Germany and this is beer heaven.

      • Well if you want to read a little bit about some of the beers from the micro breweries here in the U.S, there are quite a few on my blog so far. I just started in January, there will be more to come.

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