Sapporo: Japan’s Oldest Beer

Posted: March 11, 2013 in beer, Uncategorized
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Back in 2007,  I decided that I was going to get away from the United States for a while and go to Japan.  I lived in Japan two years living in Japan and traveling to see all of the historic and iconic places. While I was there I was able to go to Osaka, Miajima and various other places. While I was there I was able to enjoy their culture, food and drinks. One of my favorite beers from Japan is Sapporo. It is Japan’s oldest beer and it began to be brewed in 1867.

This Beer pours to a clear yellow/Golden color  and has a pretty good size head. The  aroma of this beer is full of rice and hops. When you drink this beer that is what you will get as well. The hops is this beer are not over powering at all and allows it to go down very smoothly. This is a very crisp, refreshing beer that really pairs well with poultry, meat, and any other Asian cuisine.  If you are used to craft beer you may not find this beer one of the best but if you want to try a beer from Japan and want to try the best that they have, then you have to try this one.



  1. Always a fine choice. Back in Ottawa, they served this beer out of those same tall cans at a local pub and I would always partake!

  2. Nekodomo says:

    Ah yes, Japanese beer. I remember when I had first tasted their beer here, my friends said it tasted like bread haha. Whatever that meant.

    Yep definitely one of the best

  3. caseylee18 says:

    nice, I actually enjoy sapporo quite a bit. Great post man

  4. Sapporo was the first beer I ever liked! And I still love it, even if it’s mostly for nostalgic reasons… 🙂

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