Hangar 24: Chocolate Porter

Posted: April 2, 2013 in beer, dessert
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Hangar 24 has a variety of really great beers and this is just one of them. This beer began as a Panamanian Porter in which banana was added to the brewing process. However,over the years, Hanger 24 has decided to eliminate the banana and stick to the Chocolate Porter.

This beer is brewed using two types of roasted malts along side of some cocoa nibs. After the initial fermentation process is complete Hangar 24 induces the brew with who Vanilla beans in order to give this beer an added dimension. When you pour this beer you will smell the chocolate of the roasted malts along with the bitterness and spiciness of the floral hops that this beer is brewed with. This beer will pour to a very dark brown with a beautiful khaki head. The head will slowly dissipate and leave tracing along the glass. When you take your first sip you will first notice the chocolate and toffee flavors which is then followed by a hint of the vanilla bean  that is added to the brew after fermentation. The beer finishes off with the bitterness of the hops that this beer is brewed with.The bitterness of this beer is very noticeable as it is around a 50 on the IBU. With this beer being  8% ABV you can get a hint of alcohol toward the end of the beer but its nothing to fret.  This beer will make for a great dessert beer as it will go with almost anything chocolate.  If you would rather have it with a main course this beer will pair well with steak, BBQ pulled pork and cheese such as Parmesan or Gouda. It is recommended that you drink this beer at a temperature around 55 degrees F. However, with most porters the warmer it gets, the better.

This is one of my favorites from Hangar 24 and I highly recommend everyone to try this. Don’t just take  my recommendation, take a look at some of the awards this beer has won:

SILVER – 2012 California State Fair
SILVER – 2012 Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition
SILVER – 2011 California State Fair
SILVER – 2010 Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition






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