Wychwood Brewery: WychCraft

Posted: April 2, 2013 in beer
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Wychwood Brewery is known for producing great beers and WychCraft did not let them down at all. This beer is a Golden Pale Ale and is brewed with a variety of hops and malts. The malts that this beer is brewed with are the Pale, Lager and Cara malts. Along with those three malts there are three types of hops in this beer and they are English Fuggles, Syrian Goldings and the Cascade hops. Both the malts and the hops play vital roles in giving the beer the distinct taste that it has. The malts will give the beer the dry, biscuit taste that you get at the beginning of the beer and the hops will give you the spiciness/zesty attributes at the end of the beer.

When you pour this beer you will notice it pours to a very beautiful golden color and has a pretty sustainable head. When I first went to smell this beer in an attempt to pick up the aroma’s I immediately was able to smell the citrus and floral of the hops. There was a hint of the malts but to me, the hops were more noticeable. Then when I went to take that first sip, that is when I notices the sweetness of the malts. That sweetness was followed by the biscuit on my palette. When I had finally fished the first sip I was let with what was a citrus yet dry after tone that stayed on my palette well after that first sip was finished.

If you are looking for a beer to pair with you meal, this one will make a great beer as it goes with many different things. Since this beer has a citrus tone to it, it will pair really with poultry, fish and some pasta dishes but is not limited to fish and white meat because taste of biscuit allow it to be paired with many different types of BBQ foods.  You will not get a strong taste of alcohol with this beer since it is only 4.5% ABV, so if you like this beer a lot don’t be afraid to have another.



  1. niallthomas says:

    Have you had the Goliath? The only Wychwood beer better than WychCraft in my opinion.

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