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Since I have started this blog I have become a very big fan of different types of beers and a big fan of different breweries. One of the breweries that I have come to like a lot is Lagunitas Brewing Company. Recently I once again tried one of their beers and once again I was really impressed with what this beer had to offer.

The beer that I had tried this time was their Lucky 13. This beer was originally brewed back in 2006 in commemoration of their 13th anniversary. However, they decided to keep this beer around and it has became really popular with beer drinkers. Even though they have continued to produce this beer, back in 2010 they switched up the way they brew this beer. Before then this beer was brewed with darker malts, and since 2010 they have been brewing this beer with lighter malts in order to make it more favorable for the summer months.

So let’s take a look at this beer. It will pour to a reddish copper color and when you pour this beer you will have a piney tone it which comes from the hops in this beer. However, you will also notice a variety of other aromas as  well. Some of the ones that I noticed right away were caramel and a distinct sweet fruity smell. There were hints of grapefruit and pear that went along with the sweet smelling malts.

Then when you taste your first sip, you will get a variety of different tastes as well. You will definitely get the sweetness of the malts. Since they began using light malts I imagine that the beer would have been a tad bit sweeter before 2010. In combination of the sweetness such as the caramels from the malts is spiciness to this beer which I feel comes from that aromas and taste of pine in this beer.  You will get a bit of bitterness to go along with everything else in this beer, but it’s the perfect amount. 

Overall I would rate this beer as a great one. It is a really good red. As with all of the beers in this blog I recommend that you all try this beer.


There is really nothing better than ending a long day with a great beer.This is something that Stone Brewing Company is great with helping me with. I say that because it seems as though all they do is make great beer. The latest of their beers that I have tried is their Smoked Porter.

This beer is one of my favorites that have been produced by these guys. As soon as you pour this beer you can get a sense of why they call it a Smoked Porter. The smokeless of the beer immediately hits your nostrils. However, if you take the the time to examine past the initial smell of this beer you get to the aromas of a typical Porter. You will smell the hints of sweetness produced by the roasted malts, the chocolate and some cocoa.

Then when you take your first sip you will get even more greatness. The very first sip will be a complex one because there are so many different flavors you will notice if you try. Those flavors are chocolate , liquorice and finally I had tasted caramel at the very end of the sip. All of these tastes have a smokeless added to them which makes this beer so complex and unique.

I suggest that if you like Porters and other beers from Stone Brewing Company, try this one.


Last night my wife and I went to Slater’s 50/50 for the first time and it was really an enjoyable experience. When we got there it was already really busy but we didn’t mind the 45 minute wait. We went to the bar and got a beer for ourselves. The beer that I got was one that I have heard of but have never had before. It was the vicious Disposition by Ironfire Brewery.

I would consider this beer a Porter. It pours to a very dark brown and when I received it, the beer still had a great khaki head. It was served in a typical pint glass and was served chilled. I wish they would have served it a little warmer as the taste of the beer would have been more distinguished. However, when I brought to my nose there where a few different aromas. Those  aromas were chocolate, caramel all which are created by the roasted malts in this beer. Then when I took that initial sip the sweetness of the roasted malts took over my palette. I could immediately sense a hint of chocolate which was followed by a caramel and cocoa taste that lasted until after the sip my stomach.  To me I didn’t really notice any bitterness to this beer at all, which made this beer go down really smooth.

I had paired this beer with a spicy burger and to me it was a great pairing. You could also use this beer as a dessert beer because it has such a great sense of chocolate and caramel to it. Any way you drink and pair this beer, I’m sure that you will enjoy it just as much as I did.


I know that it has been a while since I have posted a review but I’m back at it. The next beer that I’m going to review is one of the best Porter’s that I have had. This beer is called the Payback Porter and is brewed by Speak Easy Ales and Lagers. This brewery is based out of San Fransisco, Ca.

The first thing I noticed when I got this beer was the bottle that it come in. It really caught my attention and goes to show how important it is to have a great bottle for great beer. Then when you pour this beer into a glass you will notice that it pours to a very dark brown with a great head that will sustain itself for a long time. Then you will catch the aromas of the sweet chocolate mixed with the hops. When you take that first sip you will notice several different things. Tge first layer to this beer is the sweetness of the roasted malts. The roasted malts will give this beer the taste of sweet chocolate, cocoa and caramel. As you get to the back and of the beer you will get the bitterness of the hops.

This beer is also a great beer because it goes with so many different foods. My favorite thing to pair this beer with is BBQ. The smokiness of the BBQ will really compliment this beer to its fullest extent. However, this beer also goes great with a few different types of cheeses as well. The best cheese to have with this beer are Brie, Gouda, Havarti and swiss. If you want to have this beer after your meal, you can do that to because of this chocolate and caramel flavors in this beer, it makes a great desert beer.

I encourage you all to try this beer and hope you like it as much as I did.