Stone Brewing Co:Smoked Porter

Posted: May 19, 2013 in Uncategorized
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There is really nothing better than ending a long day with a great beer.This is something that Stone Brewing Company is great with helping me with. I say that because it seems as though all they do is make great beer. The latest of their beers that I have tried is their Smoked Porter.

This beer is one of my favorites that have been produced by these guys. As soon as you pour this beer you can get a sense of why they call it a Smoked Porter. The smokeless of the beer immediately hits your nostrils. However, if you take the the time to examine past the initial smell of this beer you get to the aromas of a typical Porter. You will smell the hints of sweetness produced by the roasted malts, the chocolate and some cocoa.

Then when you take your first sip you will get even more greatness. The very first sip will be a complex one because there are so many different flavors you will notice if you try. Those flavors are chocolate , liquorice and finally I had tasted caramel at the very end of the sip. All of these tastes have a smokeless added to them which makes this beer so complex and unique.

I suggest that if you like Porters and other beers from Stone Brewing Company, try this one.



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