Anchor Steam Beer

Posted: July 19, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Beer has been one of America’s favorite beverages for a very long time, and the beer that is made in this country is some of the best in the world.  So it is only fitting that I talk about one that hails from here in California and is a beer that has great history to it.

The next beer that I’m going to review is Anchor Steam Beer that is brewed in San Francisco, California. I say this beer has history because this beer has been around since 1896. This beer became a favorite during the time of the gold rush. People came to the west coast looking to become wealthy by finding gold, however, not everyone did. For those who did not find any gold at all, there was Anchor Steam Beer.

Not only does it have history because it was around during the time of the gold rush, but it has history because of the way it was brewed during this time. It is thought to be that this beer got its name from the way it us brewed.
This beer is brewed in shallow open fermentation tubs or tanks. When it got it’s start this process took place on the rooftops of San Francisco. The beer would ferment on the rooftops and during the cool nights, the steam could be seen rising from those tanks, which is where the steam portion if the name is thought to come from.

When it comes to this beer it is brewed with a couple different types of malts and hops. The malts that are is this beer are two row and caramel malts. The malts in this beer give this beer its dark amber color. They also give this beer the sweetness that it has. The malts are very noticeable in taste and in smell.When combined with the hops you will get a bit of bitterness but nothing that is unbearable. The hops will also give the beer a bit of a floral aroma and floral taste that goes really well with the sweetness of the malts. This is a one of a kind beer that pairs well with BBQ and cheeses. I hope that you all try this beer.


  1. This sounds like a great find! I usually turn to California for my wines but perhaps I will look that way for beer now too! Thanks!

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