Coronado Brewing Company: Orange Avenue Wit

Posted: July 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

There are different times where you discover something great on accident. Well, this is one of the times that I have that exact thing. I happened to be at the local Bevmo and decided to go to the section where the wheat beers are. While I was browsing I noticed a beer called Orange Avenue Wit which is brewed by Coronado Brewing Company.

So what is this Orange Avenue Wit? To start off with  this beer is classified as a California Wit or a beer that contains a pretty large portion of wheats and malts when it is brewed. So now to what this beer is brewed with.  There are a few different types of malts that this beer is brewed with. Like I said before this beer does contain wheat and it also contains 2-row malts and cara malts.  Those malts will act as the base of this beer but what gives this beer the distinct flavors that it does is the other ingrediants that are added through out the brewing process.  The other ingrediants are orange zest, orange blossom honey and corriander.  The orange zest and corriander are pretty standard for a wit but the orange blossom honey is one of those unique ingrediants to this beer. There are hops in this beer but they are not very noticable at all. I would rate this beer about and 15-18 on the IBU scale. The hops that are in this beer are the Northern Brewer hops.

Now that we know what the beer is brewed with lets pop the top and talk about what you should expect as far as taste, texture and aromas. When you first open the beer up and pour it into your favorite beer glass you will notice that the beer pours to a deep orange/gold color.  It will have a slight white fluffy head that will gradually dissipate.  Finally as you raise the glass and are about to take that first delightful sip you will notice the aroma of the wheat and the malts that this beer is brewed with. Even though those are really noticeable, you will also get a good amount of the orange and corriander aromas. After you get your fair share of the aromas, you will definitely want to just go ahead and take that first sip, which in no way will be a let down. As you take that first sip you immediately get the taste of orange peel on your palette along with other hints of citrus that come from the hops in the beer.  By the end of the beer you are left with all of the spice from the corriander and the honey. This beer goes down really smooth, is quite refreshing  and enjoyable with any meal that you may have. 

This is on my must try list. Highly recommended.



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