Tasting Notes: Brewdog: Arbor: Pirate Badger Attack

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

If you are looking for a great beer try this one

Alcohol And Aphorisms

Pirate Badger Attacks
Brewdog: Arbor: Pirate Badger Attack (England: Black IPA: 7.8% ABV)

Visual: Very dark brown. Large browned head.

Nose: Good hop character. Coconut cream. Sour white grapes with a sharp undertone. Slight white wine. Vanilla. Sour cherry sweets. Touch of coffee.

Body: Moderate bitterness. Good coconut. Sour grapes touch. Slight sour cherries. Malt drinks and digestives. Prickling hops. Light oak. Coconut cream. Kumquats. Cola sweets. light marmalade. Beef slices. Salted bagels.

Finish: Malt character and coconut. Reasonable bitterness but smooth feel. Dry. Slightly tangy. Dry beef slices.

Conclusion: The first stand out beer of the collaboration fest. This is malt drink heavy in style, like a malt drink made with coconut milk and infused with a balanced hop character. It sooths and sparkles in equal measure.

There is a lovely relaxed feel to the coconut backed by the low level, slightly tangy and tart elements that keep the malt drink heavy…

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