About the blog

I would first like to start off by saying thanks for visiting my blog and I hope that you all enjoy whats to come in the future. My name is Brian and I  love to  sip on great beer and that is what this blog is all about . In my blog you will find information on some of the best beers that I have tried, along with everyday beer that you have seen in the local super market or places like Bevmo. You will be able to read about what I think about macro brews, microbrews, domestic and imported beers. I am a fan of all types of beers so you will find a beer of your liking as well.  This blog will provide the readers with my opinion of lagers, wheat beers, stouts, ales and other types of beer. On different occasions I will discuss different topic or social issues concerned with beer and alcohol because I find them to be very important. Please feel free to leave comments and ask questions.  Hopefully as you follow this blog, you go and try some of the beer on this blog. I am quite positive you will like most if not all of them.

Remember to drink responsibly and not to drink and drive.

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