America’s Best Pubs

If you are looking for a great place to grab a great beer here are America’s best pubs.  I have not been to all of these pubs, however, I have to say that through out my life I would love to stop at some of them. This list is built with information that I have gathered from

The three top pubs in the Western United States are:

1) Apex: Located at 1216 S.E Division St. Portland, Oregon

2) Bailey’s Taproom: 213 S.W Broadway. Portland, Oregon


3) Beer Revolution: 464 third st. Oakland, California

beer revoltuion2 beer revolution1

Now if you don’t like in the West but you live in the Midwest, here are the top three pubs that you have to visit.

1) Ashley’s: 338 State St. Ann Arbor, Michigan

ahley's 1 ashley's 2

2) Bangers and Lace: 1670 W. Division St, Chicago Illinois

banger1 bangers2

3) Bomb Shelter: 1517 S. Second St. Milwaukee , Wisconsin

shelter2 shelter1

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