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Throughout my life I have been to many different places and have met a lot of different people. A lot of those people have become what I consider to be great friends.  Back in 2010, I was go to school in Biloxi, MS  and went to New Orleans for the first time of my life. A few friends and I were going there to experience Bourbon St. and just the New Orleans atmosphere. We were going from bar to bar and I would get the usual Bud Light. However, in one bar that we went into my friend Adam had noticed that they had bottles of Abita’s “Purple Haze”.  Before then I had never seen nor heard of Abita or its beer called Purple Haze, but I was open to trying this beer based on my friends recommendation. After trying this beer I was amazed how different it was from any other beer that I had ever had in the past. It was not only very different it was also very good.  To this day, it is a beer that regularly get a craving for. To this day this beer reminds me off some very good times that I have had with my friends and hope that this beer will make for some good times to come.

Abita is a brewing company that is located about 30 miles from New Orleans in a town of Abita Springs, LA. They were first founded in 1986 and in that first year they only brewed about 1500 barrels of beer. Then by 1994 they had grown so much that they no longer were able to meet the demands at the location that they were at some they had to move thier location. Today Abita is brewing about 150,000 barrels of beer and now have their own root beer as well.  So as you see, they are a brewery that is constantly growing and coming up with new beers.

Purple Haze is an American Style Wheat beer that is  brewed Pilsner and Wheat malts along with Vanguard Hops. The beers is then filtered. After filtration, a raspberry puree of sort is added to the beer giving it, it’s raspberry aroma and flavor. When you pour this beer you will notice that the beer does have slight purple tint to it and that is also due the the raspberries that are added to the beer after filtration. When you pour this  beer you will notice the aroma of the raspberries and the wheat. As you take your first sip you will get the taste of the raspberries as well and that will stay with you even after the first sip is finished.The raspberries instill a tartness and crispness to this beer that makes it even more memorable. This beer does have the Vanguard hops but you will hardly even notice them as you drink this beer as this beer is only around a 13 on the IBU. It is suggested that you serve this beer at 38 degrees and should use a glass such as the pint glass or a flute.  And as with most wheat beers this beer is about 4% ABV. This beer is a great beer that is very refreshing and a beer that everyone can enjoy.

When looking to pair this beer with a meal you should look to pair it with cheeses such as Brie or Marscapone. This beer will pair well with any salad but with go even better with a salad that is made with a variety of different fruits. This beer works well as a beer that is paired with desert and really compliments anything chocolate.


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