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So it seems like it has been a while since I have put up a new post with a new beer on this blog. So here we go,  over the last week or so I have tried a couple beers and the one that I’m going write about now is an Imperial Stout by Avery Brewing Company in Colorado. But before I write about what I thought about the beer I will have to  warn you that this beer is 11% alcohol so its no ordinary beer.

So the name is the beer is “The Czar” and I’m guessing there is a good reason for it. If you are looking for a great Stout the one is for you. This is one of strongest and boldest stouts that I have had. With that said the boldness does not take away from the greatness of this beer. The Czar is brewed with a variety of malts which include; Two-row barley, Oats, Cara-45, Black malt, Belgian Chocolate malt, Midnight wheat, Honey malt. Then at the end of the brewing process they add a batch of the Magnum and sterling hops.

When you combine all of that you end up with “The Czar” Imperial Stout that pours to a very dark brown/ black color. At the end of the pouring you will notice that you have a great khaki colored head that will hold for a while.  When you go to drink this beer you will notice the aroma of the malts and the hint of chocolate. The aroma of the chocolate is noticeable but not overwhelming. As you take your first sip you will also notice the taste of chocolate on your taste bud. You will also notice that the beer is heavier and denser that so many beers. The warmer the beer is the better it is. As it gets warmer, the aromas and different taste are so much more noticeable. For this beer being as strong as it is, this beer goes down relatively smooth. You won’t get a lot of bitterness of the hops that are in this brew. You will notice that the sweetness of the malts will balance the bitterness out.

I realize that this beer may not be for everyone , but I encourage everyone to at least try it if you can get your hands on this beer. You will be pleasantly surprised how good this beer really is.