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Most of the beers in my blog are truley pretty unique from one another and the next one is no different. This beer is brewed by Unibroue an is based out of Chambly, Quebec. Unibroue started brewing beer back in 1990. Then in 1992 they paired with a Belgian brewer and started to specialize in brewing beers on lees. That is what makes this beer so unique from the others. If you don’t know what lees is, it is the dead yeast and other particle left over from fermentation.  The Ephemere Apple is one of those beers that go through this process and is aged on lees.  This beer was first created back in 2001 and is considered to be a White Ale that is brewed with various ingredients that give it the distinct flavor that it has.

When I say this beer has a distinct flavor and aroma to it, I’m talking about the apple smell and taste that this beer has. This beer is brewed like your normal White Ale and is brewed with the coriander, and orange peel. The apple taste and aroma comes when apple juice/must is blended with the rest of the ingredients. The apple aroma is noticeable right from the beginning and is very noticeable. As soon as you pop the top you will get that distinct aroma. Even though the apple is the most noticeable aroma, it is not the only one. IF you pay attention to the different aroma’s you will smell ginger and nutmeg as well as  some cinnamon.  The Ephmemere Apple pours to a hazy golden yellow and has a slight head that leaves a lacy trace on your glass.

When taking your first sip you will notice the apples immediate and that is followed by the traditional taste of the white ale. The traditional taste of the White Ale includes the spiciness of the coriander and the citrus of the orange peel. The apple in this beer give this beer a sense tartness to it and for me it kind of dried the beer out at the beginning. The citrus gives the beer the re freshness after the tartness at the beginning. This beer is a very tasty beer that is sure to go down really smooth as the bitterness is very mild and rated to be about a 10 on the IBU.

If you are looking to pair this beer with a meal , it would make a very good dessert beer. It will pair well with anything that has apples as an ingredient such as an apple pie or apple cobbler. It however, is not just a dessert beer and will also pair well with items such as pork, duck and goat cheese. When drinking this beer it is recommended to drink it when it is between 39° and 43°F.


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