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I have reviewed multiple wheat beers within my blog so far and I’m sure that there will be more in the future. However, each one is different in its one right. They each have thier own taste and individual characteristics. This next one that I’m going to review is one that is imported from Germany.

 For a little history of the company, it has history all the way back until 1363. They have made some of the most popular beers in Germany and now that popularity is expanding to the international market.One of the most popular is the Hefe Weissbier or ” wheat beer” is brewed with wheat malt, barely malt and hops. Franziskaner brewery use top fermentation during the brewing of this beer. what that means, is that when the beer is fermenting the yeast settles at the top instead of at the bottom of the container that its being fermented in.

As with just about every other wheat beer it poors to a cloudy deep golden to almost orange color. The smell of the malt is pretty distinct with a hint of clove. Even though it is brewed with hops in it, when drinking this beer you can hardly tell. There is very little to no bitterness to this beer which allows this beer to go down really smooth. When you sip on this beer you will notice that it has a tangy side to it, more than most wheat beers that I have tried and that is what makes this beer unique, yet so good. The alcohol content of this beer is around 5%. You can find this beer in a lot of supermarkets and in recent years a lot of bars and pubs have had this beer on tap. If you like wheat beers I  highly encourage you all to try this one. I am positive that you will love this just as much as I do. Its a great beer to drink while listening to some vintage records.