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One thing that I have noticed since trying out all of the beers that I have is that marketing pays off. I’m not neccasarily talking about the advertising  part of marketing but simply the bottling and labeling of different beers. I have noticed that I am drawn to beers that have unique labels and are bottled in anything other than your everyday 12 once bottle. Lately it seems the more unique the label is, the more likely I am going to try the beer.

That was the case went I went to one of the best places to go to buy beer and a store that I have mentioned in the past, Bevmo.  I went to Bevmo after work since it has been a little while since I have posted my last review. I started to wonder the isle when I came across a beer that was bottle in a ceramic bottle. I would have called it a ceramic growler but they are usually bigger than this was.  I have not seen a lot of beers in this type of bottle and that is why it caught my attention and why I bought the beer.

The beer that I bought is called St. Sebastian Golden. It is a golden ale that is brewed in the village of Meer which is located in Belgium.  This beer is brewed by a brewery called Brouwerij Sterkens. They have been brewing beer for a very long time and their history goes all the way back until 1651. So with this said it wasn’t a surprise that St. Sebastian Golden is such a great beer.  This beer is considered to beer of the Tripel Style and what that means is that its the strongest of the Golden Pale Ales.  This particular beer is brewed using the top fermenting yeast.  When I poured this beer I was surprised because this beer poured with a bigger head than I expected. You will also notice that this beer pours to a nice golden yellow color and is and has a haziness that can be compared to a wheat beer.  Then when I went to smell the aroma’s there was a few things that stuck out to me. The first was that I smelled a lot of pear within this beer and I also noticed that this beer had a very distinct aroma of the yeast.  I was also very surprised when I took that first sip, which was when this beer was chilled. I took that first sip and noticed that this beer was very crisp with the same distinct taste.  As the first sip was done I noticed that this beer finished off relatively dry. To go along with the dryness of that you are left with, there is the bitterness that you are looking for when you have any ale but even more when have a pale ale.

If you are looking for a great food pairing for this beer, there are multiple things that you could pair with this beer. With this said, I feel as though this beer goes great with chicken and seafood such as crab.  I also encourage you to try it with different things that you may like, you will be surprised at how well this beer pairs with food.