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I know what a lot you are thinking right now; how in the world can beer be healthy for me? I understand why you will all have the same questions and concerns but one thing you have to understand, is that moderation is everything. If you drink beer in moderation and don’t drink to the point of getting drunk, the beer can beer very healthy for you. Trust me, when I first found this out, I was just as surprised.

So lets start of with one of the basic health benefits of beer,  which is the iron content of beer. It is known that beer has a relatively high iron content in it, dark beers have more than the light beers. Why is this a health benefit? If you are unaware of what iron does, iron is in every part of our body and one of the main functions of iron is to help transport oxygen throughout our bodies. If you do not have a sufficient amount of Iron in your body, you could be considered anemic. So while maintaining a proper diet and having a beer along with that diet, the beer can be very beneficial in helping your body maintain an adequate iron level.

Not only does beer contain Iron, it also contains antioxidants. As with Iron, dark beers are going to have more antioxidants than the lighter beers. So how is this a health benefit of beer. I’m sure that most of us realize that antioxidants can play an important role in reversing cellular damage that occurs naturally within the human body.

One of  the most surprising pieces of information that I found is that beer contains ingredients that are known to help fight cancer. This product is Poly phenols, and it comes from the hops  that the beers is brewed with. Not only are they know to help fight cancer but they are also known to reduce cholesterol. These ingredients are of higher content in micro brews than the more mass produced beer.

Now I know that beer also has negative effects and I’m not disputing that at all. One thing you need to remember is that this information is relevant when you are drinking in moderation. If you are wondering where I found my information go to the following link: