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When you think about Hefeweizen you normally think about the hints of cloves and bananas that you taste. Well with this Hefeweizen you will get a little more than just the banana and clove taste. You will also get the added benefit of having the taste of the wheat beers of the United States. Combine the two and you have the mouth full of deliciousness brewed by Golden Road Brewery in Los Angeles, California.

This beer is a very complex beer that has many different taste and aromas through out the entire drinking process. When you first pour this beer you will notice that like any other hefeweizen or wheat beer it will pour to a cloudy golden color with a medium sized, sustainable head. When I first poured this beer  the aromas of the cloves and citrus really stood out to me. The citrus that this beer is brewed with are Oranges and Lemons.  This beers is also brewed with cloves and bananas as is tradition with your Hefeweizens. You will taste the clove and banana after the taste of the malts in this beer. After you get past the malts, the cloves and the bananas, you are left with the citrus of the orange and the lemons. The cloves add a nice spice feature, the banana will add fruit feature and the lemons and oranges will leave you feeling refreshed and wanting more of this beer. This beer does have a combinations of German Hops in it, however you will not notice then very much at all. This beer has very little bitterness to it, 15 on the IBU, and this allows the beer to go down incredibly smooth.

If you are looking to pair this with a meal, going on personal experience, this beer pair really well with a shell fish or lobster. The citrus in this beer will really compliment these types of dishes. This beer will also pair well with poultry and cheeses, and goes really well with a cheese such as Feta. It is recommended that you serve this beer between 45-50 degrees. Trust me, you will love this beer but don’t be afraid to have more than one because this beer is only around 4.6% ABV. If you love wheat beers and hefeweizen don’t be afraid to try the combination of the two and go ahead and try this great beer.