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Sierra Nevada has a lot of great beers but his one has to be my favorite. This is no ordinary Hefenweizen. This beer goes through a rare and unique fermenting technique known as open fermenting. This technique is rarely used today, and consist of allowing the    alcohol to fermenting while being open to the air instead of in an enclosed environment. When you pour this beer there is little to no head on the pour. It pours to a hazy orangish color. This is due to banana and cloves that exist within this beer. When drinking this beer you will notice  that it is a family of the wheat ales and at first it has a hint of the cloves and then it ends with hint of the banana.  This beer like most wheat beer goes down really smooth and has just about no bitterness to it at all.  If your into drinking during breakfast this beer would most likely enhance any breakfast that you can think of due to the clove and banana tones.