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So as I continue to post about different beers, I continue to get sent beer from different breweries that may want to get there name mentioned more. Last week I recieved a package and was unsure of what it was until I opened the package up. Much to my surprise and enjoyment, the package contained two beers from Coronado Brewing Company in San Diego,Ca. One of the beers was the Stupid Stout which I will review after this one and the other beer is the one I will discuss in this post, which is Islander IPA.

So lets get started. This beer is brewed with a variety of hops and malts. The hops are the Chinook, Centennial, and the Columbus hops. The Columbus hop is a bittering hop that often gives the beer a hint of citrus. This is a big comparison to the Chinook hop. The chinook hop is one that gives the beer an aroma and palette of pine. This piney taste is often very distinguished in the beer that have the Chinook hop. The last hop that this beer is brewed with is the Centennial hop. The Centennial and Columbus hops are pretty similar. As the Centennial hop also gives the beer a citrusy aspect to the beer.

Even though the hops are the main feature of an IPA, that is not all that it is brewed with. There are also malts in this beer and the types of malts are 2-Row, Cara, and Munich. These are all very popular types of malts. These will add the bit of sweetness to the beer. They are more apparent in other types of beers. However, those are the ones that are used in this beer.

Now lets get down to the tasting of this beer and the characteristics that you will notice when drinking this beer.This beer pours to a golden orange color and has a medium head that will leave great lacing. When you first open this beer you will notice the hops immediately. The first thing that I noticed was that this beer had the piney aroma of the Chinook hop.  There are also the citrus aroma’s from the other hops but to me they came after the piney aroma.  The hops are in the forefront when you take you first sip. The piney aroma also translate the palette. However, when taking your first sip you will notice the citrus a lot more than the aroma would have made you thought. In my opinion those citrus notes consisted of grapefruit and orange. The grapefruit being the easier citrus to notice.  The malts in this beer will give this beer a bit of a sweetness at the beginning of this beer. But that sweetness is short lived as the bitterness is what is the main point in this beer. A couple of things I noticed is that when this beer starts to warm up, the piney aroma and taster become a little stronger and this beer is also a very crisp beer that I feel is great for drinking year round but would be great during the hot summers that you may experience where you live.

This beer is one that every IPA lover should try. If your not a big fan of IPA’S you should try it and this one may immediately make you a fan, go to your local beer supplier and get this one if it’s available.


There are times that because of my job I have to travel out of town. Well, a couple of weeks ago I had to travel to Atascadero, CA.  This is where I discovered the Firestone Walker Brewing Company. They were doing a beer tasting at the hotel I was staying at, and needless to say I discovered a great beer that everyone needs to try.

The beer that I had tried is called the “Wookey Jack,” and it is considered a Black Rye IPA. I’m not the only one that seems to love this beer. In 2012 it won a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival. Also in 2012 it was named a top 25 beer by Draft Magazine. So you not only have my opinion, you have awards to go by.

This is a beer that is brewed with a variety of hops and malts. Some of the malts in this beer are of the Pale Malt, Malted Rye, Dash of Cara-Rye, Midnight Wheat , De-Bittered Black Malt and a  Dash of Wookey dust. As you can see its quite a variety as is the same with the hops which include; German Magnum , Citra & Amarillo hops. All of the malts and hops in this beer give it a variety of flavors and aromas . All of which are pretty distinct.

When you first open this beer and pour it into your favorite glass you will notice that it pours to a dark mahogany and has a beautiful head that will sustain itself.  You will also notice the aromas of citrus with a little bit of pine in their, both which are created by the hops that are in this beer. Then you take your first sip and notice a mouthful of different flavors. The first one that you will notice is the caramel and chocolate flavors of the malts. Another flavor that is very noticeable is the Rye that this beer is brewed with.  In between all of  that you may notice that there are some nutty, earthy flavors as an added bonus.

This beer is a must try as with all of the others on this blog





Last night my family and I had a little get together with some friends of ours, so I thought it would be a great time to try a few different beers. The first one that I tried was the Sculpin IPA by Ballast Point. This is another beer by one of the best breweries located in Southern California.

Anyway, this beer is more than I ever expected it to be. When you first open this beer you can smell the hops within this beer. This being an IPA you would not expect anything less. As far as the IBU scale I would say this beer falls around the 70 to 75 mark, meaning thst the bitterness of the beer is very noticeable. However, that is not all that you get out of this beer. From the first sip of this beer you can notice several different flavors. Some of those flavors are peach, mango, citrus and apricot. Some if these are more influential to this beer but non of these are the main flavor of the beer. They add a nice touch to help balance out the hoppiness of this beer.

This beer went very well with the food that we ate last night as well but went exceptionally well with the cheeses such as the pepper jack. This beer will also well with meats, seafood and other fish. This beer is 7% ABU and like I said before, about a 70 on tge IBU scale. I also recommend that you let tge beer warm until 45 degrees before you drink it and doing this will give you all the flavors in this beer.


So tonight was the night of the Indian Pale Ale. I went to my local Fresh and Easy and was walking around looking for something to have for dinner. After what I got what I needed, I went to the beverage aisle to see if they had beer that you wouldn’t find at the normal supermarket. That is when I saw this cool looking label, that the Underworld Brewing Company had come up with. I had never heard of this brewery,  and not having of heard of them before sparked my interest. So I decided to grab it.

This beer pours to an amber cooler with barely no head on it. I have made it a habit of smelling the beer before I even taste it. This helps me identify what to expect when I take that first sip. When I smelt this beer I was expecting to smell the hops that it is brewed with. What I actually got was a little bit of hops, malts and the aroma of fruits which was mostly an aroma of a lemon. After I took that first sip, it tasted just like I thought it would. I has the malts, a little bit of hops and finishes of with a fruity after tone. This beer was not as hoppy as I thought it would be when I bought it but overall it is a really good before. I usually give a beer a recommendation in each post. I would recommend this beer to anyone who like a Indian Pale Ale, but doesn’t like it to be that bitter. One a boldness scale I would rate this beer a 5 out of 10. Its not really that dark which is associated with a beer that is bold, but the alcohol content is near six percent.   So with that said, if you are looking for a unique Indian Pale Ale, this one is the one for you.

I paired it with some tacos because I wanted to see how the taste of the citrus of the beer paired with the spiciness of the salsa. I really think that  the citrus really complimented the tacos in general. This beer will also be a great beer to pair with a lot of seafood since it has that hint of lemon within it.