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The other day I went to the local Bevmo to see what they had for  beer selections. If you have been there before you know they have an extensive one. If you haven’t been there and you are a beer or alcohol lover, you really need to go. They have a really great selection of beer, wine and other alcohol.


While I was  there I was wondering through the beer isles and came across the section that has beers from the Lost  Coast Brewery. If you have not heard of them before, they are based out of Eureka, California. This brewery started out as a small brewery and cafe that were combined in one space.  However, since their start in 1990 they have outgrown that space and had to move to a separate space down the road from the space they were originally based out of. Lost Coast Brewery now has beers in 22 different states, Canada and Puerto Rico. It has become the 33rd biggest brewery in the United States.

After browsing the selections  they  had I decided to go with the Winterbraun Ale. This is a dark ale that is brewed with roasted caramel and chocolate malts. The beers is then finished when they add some Saaz Hops in order to get a spicy flavor. This beer pours to a medium brown and has a medium sized head on it that dissipates rather quickly. As soon as I poured the beer I noticed the aroma of the chocolate and caramel hops. They are both very noticable  when you smell the beer and when you taste it for the first time.  There is a slight hit  of the hops but they are nothing over powering.  As with a lot of ales, the warmer the beer became, the more the chocolate aroma and taste stood out. With only a hint of bitterness that was evened out by the sweetness of the chocolate and caramel, this beer went down really smooth. This beers has about 8% ABV but the alcohol is nothing that over power the tastes of everything else that makes this beer great.

If you like a beer with hints of chocolate and caramel but you don’t like a full on stout. I would highly recommend this beer for you.