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Ever since I started my blog,  I have tried many different styles of beer by many different brewers. Some of the beers have been similar to other ones and then there are the ones that are completely different from any other that I have tried. That is what has made this experience interesting, fun, and enjoyable. I have come to realize that finding two beers that are identical is pretty much impossible.

The next beer falls into the category of the beers that are completely different from any other than I have tried before. This beer is brewed by Samuel Adams and is called “Norse Legend.” What makes this beer so different from any others is that it is aged on a bed of juniper berries. The process of having it age on a bend of juniper berries gives this beer a very noticeable citrus flavor and aroma. But before this beer is aged on the bed of Juniper berries it gets brewed with Samuel Adams two-row pale malt blend, Rye, Special B, and aromatic malts and finished of with variety of hops called Hallertau Mittelfrueh. When being fermented this beer is the process of top fermenting which is where the yeast settles at the top of the beer instead of the bottom on the fermenting container.

This beer pours to a deep amber color and as I have said before the citrus aroma’s and taste a very noticable in this beer. This beer has a one of a kind of a taste. It might take a few sips to get used to it but after the first few sips this beer will go down smooth. Even though the beer  goes down smooth it still has the bitterness of the hops. I also believe that the juniper berries make this beer a little more bitter than it would be without them.

If you are looking to pair this beer with a meal you are in luck.This beer goes well with many different things. This beer goes well with seafood such as scallops, beef, and even goes well with a warm soup such as a french onion or tomato soup.

This beer is very unique and one of a kind. I encourage you all to try this one. I know for a fact that some of the people the that try this beer won’t like it, and others will love it. This beer is one of the best because its so different from any others.