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Over the last couple of weeks my family and I have been having a dinner night with some of our friends, on a weekly basis. We set up a night, usually a Friday or Saturday, and have a dinner together. The cuisine various and has been something different every time but each an every time it is something that is very delicious. This weekend we decided to make shrimp tacos. So while the wife was at work, I went to the store and gathered up all of the ingredients that we would need in order to prepare our meal. Once I had found everything that I needed  I went to the beer section to try and find a beer that I thought would go good with the shrimp tacos that we were having. That’s when I came across a beer that comes from a German Brewery that dates back to 1753. The beer is a beer from the Warsteiner Brewery and is the Warsteiner Premium Verum. The beer is a German Pilsner that is brewed with water from the Ansberg Forest. You may ask, what is so special about that. Well, according to the sites that I have looked at this water is considered to be extra soft water. This is important because the higher quality of water that you use in the brewing process, the better beer you will have in the end, well when it comes to professional brewers any way. If I were to  brew a batch at this point, I don’t think it would make any difference, it would still be catastrophic.

The Premium Verum is considered to be  German Pilsener that contain 4.8%ABV. That will pour to a pale golden yellow. This beer will have a modest head but it will dissipate rather quickly.When you pour this beer you will also notice the expected aromas of a pilsener. You will smell the sweet malts and the floral of the hops. When you take your first sip of this beer you will notice the hints of citrus and the malts. You will taste the hops and the bitterness that goes along with the hops. Then when you finish the sip you are left with a unique taste, I would contribute this to the types of hops that this beer is brewed with.  This beer is the only beer that I have tasted with this after tone to it.

When u are pairing this beer you will want to pair this beer with food of an Asian or German Style but it also goes well with any poultry or fish. If you are looking to pair it with cheese your best options are Monterrey or pepper jack cheese. It is recommended that you serve this beer between 40 and 45 degrees.



I know that I have said that many beers that  I have posted about are very unique and that is because they are all unique in there own way. Well, this next one is also very unique. If you are a fan of Guinness you have most likely heard of  a “Black and Tan” or “Black and Blue.” If you have not heard of those, what they are is a beer such as Guinness or any other Porter, mixed with a beer such a Pilsner. The outcome that you seem is really amazing. When you combine the two the  Guinness or other Porter will migrate to the top of the cup while  the Pilsner sinks to  the bottom of the cup leaving a perfect line between the two. You will also get the two distinct taste of each beer. First you will get the taste and aroma of the Porter then it is followed by the Pilsner.

While I was wondering the isles of the local Bevmo this afternoon I came across this beer called Mississippi Mudd which is brewed Mississippi Brewing Company. What caught my eye what the bottle that it is bottled in.  The term bottle is really a misconception, what it really is, is a  growler.  So after some thought and consideration about buying this because I wasn’t sure what to expect,  I went ahead and bought it.  To my surprise this beer taste really similar to the black and tan that would  be poured at your favorite pub. However, you do not get the cool effect that you would if it was poured at your favorite bar. This beer pours to a dark but clear brown and forms the head that you would expect of a Porter. When you pour this beer you will immediately smell sweet aroma of the  roasted malts and chocolate. Then when you take your first sip you will first taste the roasted malts and chocolate of the Porter. This will then be followed by the taste that the Pilsner distills in this beer. The beer  ends with the sweet notes of toffee that is left on your palette.

If you are looking to try what would be considered a bottled black and tan, this one would be the one to try. Along with your  purchase you will be able to get a great growler as well.  I encourage you all to try this beer and then if you are looking to get to see the effects that I was talking about, go to your local pub and order a black and tan.  There are many variations that you can order if you don’t want an ordinary pilsner such as the black and blue. If you order this you will get the Porter mixed with a Blue Moon. I can say that this combination is truly amazing and one of my favorite combinations.


So as I had wrote in a previous post, pilsner is one of the most popular types of beers in the world. It is brewed with lightley malted barley and a variety of different hops can be added to give the beer the bitterness that you want. The Redhook Pilsner is a one that I picked up at the local supermarket and you can probably find it at yours. It is the newest beer of the Red Hook Brewing Company. When brewing this beer as usual they usual the lightley malted barley and they chose to use a type of hops called Saaz. The first thing I noticed when taking my first sip of the beer was the aroma coming from it. You can really smell the barley and the hops that are in this beer. Then I noticed that you get the slight sweetness followed by a hit of bitterness that is created by the Saaz hops. Overall, this beer goes down really smooth, and is also very clean, crisp and refreshing. This beer is more than just a regular pilsner. If you were wondering what the alcohol content is in this dish, its right around 5%.


Tonight I paired this beer with a mexican seafood dish called, Aguachiles. Its shrimp that is cooked by sitting in lime juice, and chiles. This beer was an excellent choice to pair with this meal because it cut right through the acidity of the lime juice and compliment the spicyness of the chiles. I highly recommend this beer, its great to drink alone or when paired with a spicy dish that you may make in the future.


What is a Pilsner

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A Pilsner is a type of beer that was created in 1842 in the Czech Republic. When it was first created the breweries would brew this type of beer in a cave or cellar. They needed a place that would be relatively cool during the brewing and storage of the beer. However, today they have large brewing tanks that are used during the brewing process. A pilsner beer is brew with a lightly malted  barley and usually a variety hops that is considered spicy. These two things are what give the Pilsner its taste, aroma , and color. A Pilsner is a very clean refreshing beer that pairs well with many different foods. Some of the foods it goes well with are  chicken, fish, and all sorts of spicy Mexican food. I encourage you all to try this type of beer, so many before you have and they loved it. That is why its one of the most popular beers in the world. A typical Pilsner beer is about 5% alcohol, however some have a little less and some have a little more. Some of the top rated Pilsners are Reality Czeck, Danish Dream, Barmen Pilsner and Cerna Hora.