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Stone Brewing  Company is one of the best brewing companies based out of Southern California. Back in 1996 Greg Koch and Steve Wagner founded Stone Brewing Company and based it out of San Marcos, California. After being successful for a number of years they decided to move to their current location in Escondido, Ca. Even though they are based in Southern California, they distribute their brews to 36 different states. Back in 2008  and 2009 they were named All Time Top Brewery on Planet Earth by Beer Advocate Magazine.

So it comes as no surprise that their Levitation Ale was such a good beer. The  other night I had pizza for delivery and was trying to decide what  beer I wanted to try and I ended up picking the Stone Brewery’s Levitation Ale. If your looking for a beer that has sweet endings this is not for you. However, if your looking for an original beer that is full strictley barley and hops this beer is the beer for you. As you drink this beer you will smell the aroma which to me was a citrus/ piney aroma  The when you take your first sip you will taste the richness of the malts followed by all of that great hops that’s instilled in this beer. This beer doesn’t only use one type of hops but four types. Those variety are Columbus, Crystal, Simcoe and Amarillo. These put together give you the perfect amount of bitterness to a beer. Don’t just take my review, this beer was the 2007 Gold Medal Winner at the Great American Beer Festival.

This beer paired perfectly well with the BBQ Chicken Pizza that I had order for delivery. The BBQ sauce of the pizza balanced out the bitterness of the beer to make it go down really smooth. As with all of the beers I have previously wrote about, I highly recommend this beer.