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Over the last couple of weeks my family and I have been having a dinner night with some of our friends, on a weekly basis. We set up a night, usually a Friday or Saturday, and have a dinner together. The cuisine various and has been something different every time but each an every time it is something that is very delicious. This weekend we decided to make shrimp tacos. So while the wife was at work, I went to the store and gathered up all of the ingredients that we would need in order to prepare our meal. Once I had found everything that I needed  I went to the beer section to try and find a beer that I thought would go good with the shrimp tacos that we were having. That’s when I came across a beer that comes from a German Brewery that dates back to 1753. The beer is a beer from the Warsteiner Brewery and is the Warsteiner Premium Verum. The beer is a German Pilsner that is brewed with water from the Ansberg Forest. You may ask, what is so special about that. Well, according to the sites that I have looked at this water is considered to be extra soft water. This is important because the higher quality of water that you use in the brewing process, the better beer you will have in the end, well when it comes to professional brewers any way. If I were to  brew a batch at this point, I don’t think it would make any difference, it would still be catastrophic.

The Premium Verum is considered to be  German Pilsener that contain 4.8%ABV. That will pour to a pale golden yellow. This beer will have a modest head but it will dissipate rather quickly.When you pour this beer you will also notice the expected aromas of a pilsener. You will smell the sweet malts and the floral of the hops. When you take your first sip of this beer you will notice the hints of citrus and the malts. You will taste the hops and the bitterness that goes along with the hops. Then when you finish the sip you are left with a unique taste, I would contribute this to the types of hops that this beer is brewed with.  This beer is the only beer that I have tasted with this after tone to it.

When u are pairing this beer you will want to pair this beer with food of an Asian or German Style but it also goes well with any poultry or fish. If you are looking to pair it with cheese your best options are Monterrey or pepper jack cheese. It is recommended that you serve this beer between 40 and 45 degrees.



So for Valentine’s Day my wife and I had a couple of friends over for a Valentines Day dinner. As with a lot of dinners that we have, we had beer and wine to go along with the meal. For me, since we were going to bbq some of the meal, I went with a beer to go along with my meal. The beer that I chose to go with my meal was truly the most unique one of a kind beer that I have ever had.  This beer is the “Marzen” by Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier.  What makes this beer unique is that it is a smoked beer, which means that the malts used in this beer are smoked using beech wood. This beer is brewed using top fermenting yeast and once it has been brewed it is stored in traditional oakwood cask.

As soon as you open this beer up and pour it you realize why it is called a smoke beer or “Rauchbier”.  You immediately smell the distinct aroma of the smoked malts which in turns makes you very curious of this beer is going to taste. This beer urges your to take the first sip and then sit back and enjoy this beer. The first sip was exactly what I expected it to be. The flavor of the smoked malts was just as noticeable as the aroma.

So when the beer is poured it pours to a dark red/ amber color with a little head that dissipates rather quickly. After you get past the initial taste of the smoked malts you will notice that this beer ends with a sweet chocolate finish. Its not a strong taste of chocolate but enough to know that its there. The alcohol content of the  beer is not as high as I would expect and is only about 5.1%.  As I was drinking this beer I noticed that it didn’t really have a big presence of the hops, and has very little bitterness to the beer.  The lack of bitterness and the chocolate after tones make this beer go down really smooth. If your wondering what to pair this beer with, I would tell you to pair it with anything that is bbq, the smokiness of the beer goes very well with the bbq food, whether its beef or chicken that you are grilling, this beer will definitely compliment it.

This beer is a German made beer. It is produced in the German town of Bamberg. The beer gets its name from where it is produced and that its produced in what is called a Schlenkerla which is a brew pub that is  most renowned for producing this beer.  This building that houses the brew pub has a very rich history and dates back all the way to the 14th century. It was  passed down to many different people and has had many different owners but is now owned by a guy named German Trum who is the son of  Elizabeth and Jacob Trum.

If you are looking for a truly unique and different beer to try, this is the one for you.