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So as I had wrote in a previous post, pilsner is one of the most popular types of beers in the world. It is brewed with lightley malted barley and a variety of different hops can be added to give the beer the bitterness that you want. The Redhook Pilsner is a one that I picked up at the local supermarket and you can probably find it at yours. It is the newest beer of the Red Hook Brewing Company. When brewing this beer as usual they usual the lightley malted barley and they chose to use a type of hops called Saaz. The first thing I noticed when taking my first sip of the beer was the aroma coming from it. You can really smell the barley and the hops that are in this beer. Then I noticed that you get the slight sweetness followed by a hit of bitterness that is created by the Saaz hops. Overall, this beer goes down really smooth, and is also very clean, crisp and refreshing. This beer is more than just a regular pilsner. If you were wondering what the alcohol content is in this dish, its right around 5%.


Tonight I paired this beer with a mexican seafood dish called, Aguachiles. Its shrimp that is cooked by sitting in lime juice, and chiles. This beer was an excellent choice to pair with this meal because it cut right through the acidity of the lime juice and compliment the spicyness of the chiles. I highly recommend this beer, its great to drink alone or when paired with a spicy dish that you may make in the future.