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As adults we all have to make many decisions in our life on an everyday basis. Some of those decisions are small and some of them are big and can have impacts for the rest of our lives. Well, as I’m writing a blog about alcohol I just wanted to quickly touch on being responsible when drinking.

A lot of us are over the legal drinking age and probably know someone who has made poor choices after drinking. If you don’t know someone personally you have most likely seen stories in the local news paper about people making poor choices. Well these poor  choices can last a life time. They can not only affect you, but also  those around you, meaning your friends, family, co-workers. The poor choices can end up costing you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. There is a whole list of punishments of not being responsible while drinking and the are all very well known.

So stop and think before hopping in the drivers seat of the car after having any amount of alcohol. You may feel fine but the truth is that, if you have to convince yourself that your ok to drive, then you shouldn’t be driving anyway. Don’t be afraid to give the keys to someone else who is in a better state of mind to drive. Stop and think before confronting someone about something while you are drinking. There have been many instances where a confrontation has turned into much more when involving a person or people who have been drinking.

So when you drink, drink responsibly.