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Can vs Bottle

Posted: January 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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For many year now there has been a debate on whether beer taste better from a can or if it taste better from a bottle. There are a lot of myths out there as to why beer may taste better from a can or a bottle. For instance some say that beer taste better from a bottle because when put in a can, the beer gets a metallic taste from the can. However, beer cans are lined with a plastic coating and have been since 1935. This plastic coating was put on the can simply to protect the beer from getting a metallic taste. However, for every argument against something there is one for it. A beer can is completely air tight and the can acts as a deterrent to light. The can will block and light from getting to the beer thus leaving the beer with a more natural taste. One could say that because of these two facts a beer in a can will stay fresher longer.

However, there is also arguments for beer in the bottle. A lot of avid beer drinkers swear by the bottle. They say that the beer taste so much better from a bottle and that a beer will remain cooler for an extended amount of time when its in a bottle. They say that a beer from a bottle has more of a natural taste and smell to it than a beer from the can. However, their are also arguments against bottles and one of the biggest one is that no matter what color the bottle is, it will not block light. The longer the light hits the beer the more the beer will take on a more of a “skunk” taste and smell.

So after all the arguments have been weighed , they question still hasn’t been answered. That is because there is really no right answer and it just comes to the drinkers preference to the can or the bottle. One way to really tell if there is a difference in taste or not is to pour a beer from each into a glass before drinking them, and then compare the two. It is very likely that you won’t notice a difference at all once you pour them into the glass.

I guess the debate continues to go on.

On a side note if you go to you local store you will most likely see more and more beer in cans. That is because more and more breweries are bottling the beer in both instead of just bottles. This is helping us come to the conclusion that there is really no difference in taste between the beer from the bottle or from the can.